SCCJ3800 Bethel Unit 1 Waiting for Backup and Investigators to Arrive Paper

**The minimum word count for the entire is 250 words and you must include three scholarly sources! Scholarly sources does not count toward word count! You must use APA formatting to cite your sources. Be sure to read the entire assignment and address each issue/question posed.

These discussion questions are taken from your reading of chapters 1 through 4 in the text. Respond to one of the discussion options listed below. There are enough options that most people can answer a discussion question not answered by others. The goal is to cover all the topics to allow a wide coverage of the material.

You are the first officer at the scene of an outdoor assault. You find the victim bleeding but conscious, with two of the victim’s friends and several onlookers standing nearby. You call for backup and quickly glance around but see no one fleeing the scene. Describe the steps you would take while waiting for backup and investigators to arrive.

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