physics questions

One day you are sitting somewhat pensively in an

airplane seat and notice, looking out the window, one of_x000D_
the jet engines running at full throttle. From the pitch of_x000D_
the engine you estimate that the turbine is rotating at_x000D_
3000 rpm and, give or take, the turbine blade has a radius_x000D_
of 1.00 m. If the tip of the blade were to suddenly break_x000D_
off (it occasionally does happen with negative_x000D_
consequences) and fly directly upwards, then how high_x000D_
would it go (assuming no air resistance and ignoring the_x000D_
fact that it would have to penetrate the metal cowling of_x000D_
the engine.)_x000D_
Physics 207: Lecture 9, Pg 33_x000D_
Another question to ponder_x000D_
How high will it go?

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