personal thinking assignment


1. you have to write down your personal view point, personal thinking. you cannot copy other’s opinion. you have to think the question by yourself, and write down your own opinion in each questions.

2. answer each question according to the question itself.


A. explain and define anthropocentric and bio centric viewpoints. Give 3 specific examples of each philosophy.

B. describe what your learned from the video: the Lorax – how much do they tie to what you learned in this class and why it is it important?

C. describe why national parks are important? don’t give an obvious answer, put some thought in to it. 

D. explain the debate over the driving for oil in the arctic national wildlife refuge( ANWR). what sons do you see for driving in ANWR? why should we leave the area alone? how do you personally feel about this and why?

E. completely fill out the attached WASSEEM worksheet including why each element of WASSEEM is important and how humans affect each- the point value of this question is high for a reason- put some thought into your answer- don’t be obvious like: humans need water to survive.

WASSEM why is it specifically important to humans? how do humans specifically affect it?

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