Search for a scholarly journal to publish to, 507 Unit 9 Group Assignment help

Hey. So this is the assignment I had messaged you about.

These are the instruction, just so you have an overview on what it´s about. Remember it is a group project.

Abstract and Position Paper Directions:

For this Assignment, Abstract and Position Paper, you will search for a scholarly journal to publish to. You will follow your selected journal’s guidelines for creating a position paper, except that your word count (for the body section of your paper, which excludes the abstract, title page, and references sections) will be 1200-1800 words. You will write an abstract for your paper as if it were going to be published. (The abstract is not the type of abstract you would submit in a paper but one you would write if submitting a paper for publication.) If your selected journal has guidelines for the abstract, follow those guidelines.

You must support your work with at least eight scholarly peer reviewed articles. You must also link to the journal’s publishing guidelines, at the bottom of your paper. If there is no link, include a copy of the publishing guidelines in an Appendix to your paper.

You will write your position paper on your chosen policy change as if you were writing for your chosen journal. Your paper must include the following topics:

1. Abstract per instructions

2. Current situation necessitating the change

3. The proposed policy change

4. Agenda setting

5. A model or theory that can be used to bring about the change

6. Design strategies

7. Implementation strategies

8. Evaluation strategies

9. Conclusion

The journal we will be writing to is — the Online Journal of Issues in Nursing. I’m attaching Author Guidelines which include formatting details for paper submissions just in case you were curious!

So the project is on policy change of right to die with euthanasia methods in the state of florida. we have previously done projects on this topic, which i will attach just in case you want to use any of that information.

Now my part for this project is evaluation strategies, which is the second to last topic.

The model we are using to present is the Kingdon model.

I am attaching what my group has turned in so far..

My part should be a minimum of 300 words and have at least 2 references. Please if you have any question let me know and I will help you better understand what needs to be done. Thanks again



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