Week 7 Assignment-Kirchoff’s Laws

(you must find the problems to solve them, I do not have the textbook)

  1. Solve the following problems from Chapter 9 – “Kirchhoff’s Laws” of Grob’s Basic Electronics textbook.
    • SECTION 9–1 Kirchhoff’s Current Laws
      • Problems 9-2 and 9-4
    • SECTION 9–2 Kirchhoff’s Voltage Laws
      • 9-6 to 9-14 (Even problems only)
      • Problem 9-16
    • SECTION 9-4 Node Voltage Analysis
      • Problems 9-18 and 9-20
  2. Show all work for full credit in a word document or on a paper and scan your work. Save all your work as a word or a pdf file format.
  3. Save file as “HW7_StudentID” with your student id substituted into the file name and upload it.
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