Watch the entire video and the slides, then answer the questions

2050 – a documentary

Watch the entire video and review the lecture “Global Environmental Challenges”, select any TWO environmental issues discussed in the video. Do some research on the issues you chose and answer the following questions for EACH of the environmental challenges you selected:

1) Why is the issue you selected an environmental issue? Describe in DETAIL.

2) Whom does it impact?

3) How specifically does it impact them?

4) Do humans exacerbate the problem? How specifically and in what ways?

5) What effective solutions can we implement to address the issue?

6) Which elements of Water, Air, Soil, Species, Ecosystem, Energy, and Minerals are affected by the issues you selected and how are they affected? Caution: more than one element could be affected.

7) State the research sources you used to answer the above questions.

Here is the supporting videos if you need…

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