-Use of Budgeting as a management technique for managing resources….

You are required to conduct a literature search and discussion in this assignment.

You are to choose a peer reviewed journal article (from any country) on the:

-Use of Budgeting as a management technique for managing resources.

The article should be published between 2010 – 2020. Choose your article only after you have accessed

several relevant articles, and then choose the best articles that will answer the assignment question below.

Required: Critically evaluate the relevance and challenges of budgeting systems by answering the 5 questions



1. Briefly discuss the budgeting process. (5 marks)

2. Based on your selected journal article, discuss citing examples whether the budgeting process satisfies

the purpose of planning, controlling and evaluating performance. (5 marks)

3. The two widely used practices in preparing budgets are ‘top down’ budgeting and ‘bottom up’

budgeting. Identify and explain the practice adopted by the organisation discussed in your selected

journal article and further explain the behavioural implications of adopted practice. (5 marks)

4. Based on your literature findings (above), critically evaluate the comment that ‘traditional budgeting

practices are constraint on creativity, and the time and energy spent on budget formulation is better

spent elsewhere’.

5. Based on your literature findings (above), would you recommend budgeting for contemporary

organisations for planning and control purpose? Explain (5 marks)


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