Unit I Case Study

Unit I Case Study

Review the following two Side Bar scenarios in your textbook and choose one for the basis of your assignment:

Considering Malpractice (p. 7) or

EMT Response and Motor Vehicle Law (p. 13).

NOTE: You will continue to use this same scenario in Unit III and IV as the basis for a course project that

concludes in Unit VII.

For this assignment, pretend you are the aide for a defense attorney representing the EMS agency in the selected case. You

will need to analyze the scenario and prepare a brief for the attorney on your findings. (If you choose the second case, the

subject in the scenario should not be taken in the first-person context, but rather just as an EMT provider.)

Consider the scenario as if the organization you are representing were in your own state, and focus on the

relevance of your state’s laws to the scenario. You may consider locating a past similar case to help guide your briefing.

Your paper at a minimum should address the following questions:

Is this a case that would most likely be tried in a civil or criminal court? Why?

What are three questions that you feel must be answered by the personnel involved before you can begin to prepare a


Identify the difference in scope and responsibility of any federal, state, or local laws and regulations that would impact the

outcome of the case.

How would you demonstrate that the personnel involved were aware of these laws or regulations?

Your paper should be a minimum of three pages, not including the title and reference pages.

You must use a minimum of three sources, not including your textbook. These may include peer-reviewed articles,

professional organization websites, and government websites/documents. You should use sources that specifically speak

to the laws or regulations of your state.

All sources used must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations. All references

and citations used must be in APA style.

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