This project is intended to have a real virtual/experience what “real” science is

your unknown bacteria is Legionella pneumophila.

In the virtual world, an unknown for an online class, you work in the opposite direction. You have the name. You begin with research of the unknown. You will then produce a power point presentation defending how you would have determined (through tests) the name of your bacteria.

This project is intended to have a real virtual/experience what “real” science is.

Book knowledge is valuable, but if you continue on in the field of science, a hands-on experiment using the scientific method is important. You will be given a “bacterial unknown” and will be completing a virtual series of biochemical tests to determine what genus and species the “unknown.”

In addition to this, you will be keeping a scientific journal of your work and will be defending your results at the end of the project. This is a university level project and will provide you with the experience that I hope you truly enjoy. The power point presentation will have all the tests you would have performed in the classroom. You will research and find diagrams, pictures, etc. of the various tests.


See the rubric below to make sure you include all content.

Your tests will be based on the bacteria you choose, DO NOT DO ALL TESTS LISTED, only the ones that apply to your species.

It is important to do only tests that are important to your bacteria. REVIEW ALL TESTS TO MAKE SURE IT IS USED TO IDENTIFY THE BACTERIA. Not all tests are positive, not all tests are negative. You need to explain the results, if reagents are added, they need to be listed and explained.

Rubric for Final Unknown Project

Overview of bacteria and disease – 50 points

Name of bacteria nomenclature for scientific terms -10 points

Streak plates -10 points

Gram stain -10 points (correct Gram stain, explanation of morphology and stain)

List of tests that apply: – 5 points for any tests that do not apply; – 5 points for any necessary test that was conducted and not needed

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