. The product line is liquor filled chocolates. The line includes candies filled with Drambuie,…

. The product line is liquor filled chocolates. The line includes candies filled with Drambuie, Amaretto, Grand Marnier, Cointreau and Frangelico. come up with a marketing plan and strategy for this Strategic Business Unit of M & M Mars. You will have to go to M & M Mars and get their corporate history, organizational structure, mission and vison to write this paper. Address and identify these interrelated items: (1) the overall scope and mission of the organization, (2) company goals and objectives, (3) a source of competitive advantage, (4) Definition of the objectives and competitive strategy of this SBU/a development strategy for future growth of the SBU, (5) the allocation of corporate resources to accomplish your goals, (6) synergy via the sharing of corporate resources, intangibles, or programs across businesses or product lines. (7) Relevance to success in the market place (8) Best practices (9) Examples (10) In-depth marketing plan for the product (11) targeting and segmenting your market for the new liquor filled chocolates. Remember your audience may be a board of directors with limited knowledge of marketing so you will have to educate them on the different avenues available to them and ultimately suggest a course of action. Include the following components in paper:  
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