Socw 6443 Project: Final Paper proposal: Questions and Controversies in Clinical Psychopharmacology

Socw 6443 Project: Final Paper proposal: Questions and Controversies in Clinical PsychopharmacologyIn this Final Paper Proposal, you to submit your proposal to your Instructor for feedback and approval of your final paper topic.During Week 4, your Instructor will provide feedback and explain any necessary modifications of your Final Paper proposal. Once your Instructor approves your Final Paper Proposal, you should begin working on your Final Paper. The Final Paper should address a current question or controversy in clinical psychopharmacology.Possible topics for the Final Paper include: I would like my paper on childhood depression and medicationSomething that is currently occurring in your communitySomething that is currently occurring in a given populationA problem identified in the mediaA controversy discussed in scholarly journalsA controversy about a specific diagnosisBy Day 7Your Final Paper Proposal should include the following components:Identifying information:Title: Short and descriptiveStudent nameName of department/program and universityDatePurpose of the paper/background in this section:Identify the purpose of the paper (e.g., “My paper will exam the controversy related to prescribing ADHD medications to children.”).Explain why you are researching this topic (e.g., why this question or controversy is important and how it relates to your profession).Explain what you intend to learn about the topic.Submit your Final Paper ProposalApa format 7th addition full references

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