Saint Petersburg College Educational Concept by Kajauna M Discussion Response

Please respond to the following discussion posts. Please use in-text citation and reference under each individual response.

1. Educational concept

Posted by Kajauna M

During my case study I talked about HS, and the new found studies of how injections can help improve the symptoms and inflammation of the skin disease.

Educational Goal Statement: After completing this case study patients should know how to best best manage their HS symptoms, knowledge of managing symptoms include proper medical reporting, accurate bandaging, and overall effective self- care.

Learning objectives: *Patients will be educated on all medicinal resolutions to inflammation and swelling by:

1.) Comparing and contrasting medications for inflammation of the skin.

2.) Assessing what diets and behaviors can cause inflammation of the skin.

3.) Observing how changes in the environment can influence skin inflammation.

* Patients will apply evidence- based testimonials to reflect any changes of the skin disease by

1.) Identifying what differences or improvements were made after involvement in the case study

2.) Develop goals to ongoing health care management.

2. Educational concept

Posted by Kristen R

As a patient who never went to the doctors much, he always thought he could cure himself even if it was not the best or correct solution. His recent experience to the hospital with an antibiotic resistance form of C. Diff, proved his methods were not always successful. From treating himself at home with old antibiotics, he now faces the risk of antibiotic resistance for many possible treatment methods down the road. He lacked the education of clinical care and what it could do for him. My goal is to teach him how to improve his health and how to notice the signs of when it is time to see a physician. The steps he will take consist of educating himself before trying home remedies, finishing any course of medication he receives when prescribed and never treating himself from old medications that may not treat what he has. He will also educate himself to notice the signs of what illnesses may be affecting him or what steps he can take to rebuild his immunity. As a visual learner, information sheets, handouts and direction will help to improve his understanding. He will be able to identify what supplements will help him to stray away from any future illnesses. Gaining all of this awareness from his hospital experience will teach him to trust his gut and if his instinct tells him that something is wrong, seeking medical attention is the best solution (Houston Methodist Leading Medicine, n.d.).

Houston Methodist Leading Medicine. (n.d.) 10 Signs you Should Go See the Doctor.

Retrieved from

3. Educational concept

Posted by Anne H

My case study was about a 13 year old girl that was recently diagnosed with juvenile diabetes among having multiple other health issues. She needs to learn how to manage her diabetes due to the fact her single mother works two jobs and is either alone or with her neighbor regularly. She is home schooled so will need meal and snack ideas and instructions on the glucose testing equipment given to her at the doctors office.

The goal for Patty is to be able to control her diabetes effectively so she does not have to take medication.

The objectives are

1. To be able to create and use a healthy meal plan with plenty of ideas for both meals and snacks to control the diabetes.

2. To be able to successfully use the glucose test monitoring system daily and adjust medication accordingly without assistance.

4. Research Method

In the following post, tell us something you learned from your colleague’s posting.

How might you APPLY this information to YOUR professional setting?

Posted by Briana G

I chose the study that experimented whether canine interaction helped lower stress levels in students during finals week. This study meant a lot to me since I actually have a service dog, and my husband has an emotional support animal. Both of our dogs mean the world to us. I know personally I would be lost without my service animal. In the study, the researches used service dogs who very well trained for the research. The take home message to me from the study was that canines are great support animals when it comes to managing stress, but the other message was also that taking short intermittent breaks during a stressful situation can also support a better outcome than trying to bulldoze your way through it. The study has helped me understand what it means to schedule yourself time to focus on work and then schedule time to take a break. This is important because it gives you the peace of mind knowing that there is an end in sight. I will use this in my professional tasks by preparing a more productive schedule and focusing on how much time ill spend on a task before I give myself a break to walk away and come back to the task with fresh eyes should it not be able to be completed in the time allotted. The study also demonstrated that people who are not exposed to as much stress are healthier individuals. This was also a big take away from the study and something I will consider implementing in my day to day life as well.

5. Crisis

(150 words minimum for this response)

Posted by Celena W

I feel like dealing with burnout in the social services field is much like dealing with it in the field that I work in, which is drug and alcohol treatment. I feel that if you deal with stress in an appropriate way it can keep one from burnout. I feel like sometimes stress burnout in these fields is inevitable. Social workers need to be able to recognize the signs and red flags of burnout. I feel if left untreated burnout can lead to not only stress but also health conditions. Social workers can deal with burnout by discussing the things they deal with at work with another person that understands the field they work in and what they deal with on a daily basis. If a social worker is in burnout mode they are no good to their job or the people they are helping. I feel setting aside time to things they enjoy will help with dealing with stress. Finding a hobby one enjoys like working out, painting, cooking, bike riding, rollerblading, sitting at the beach and relaxing, getting a massage, getting your hair and nails done for women, sewing, crocheting, and many other things can help diffuse stress and burnout. I also believe that laughter is the best medicine for anything. Going to comedy clubs and enjoying stand up comedy is fun and can be a healthy stress reliever.

6. Crisis

(150 words minimum for this response)

Posted by Anthony D

This week’s discussion dealing with burnout is interesting to me because I feel that burnout is inevitable regardless of what it is that you do, what I think is controllable is to what extent or to what degree you allow yourself to reach. I think that most people that experience chronic burnout are those that are genuinely passionate about their work or what it is that they do. The Human Services professional that has love and a true desire to help his/her client will find it difficult to unplug at the end of the day and leave their work at work, it’s this passion and desire that will at some point lead them to experience burnout. Which leads to the question is it possible to care too much about helping others? These are some of the things that I struggle with, NO is the answer to that question for me.

I do agree that laughter is Good Medicine. Like most of us I’ve experienced some low points or burnouts if you will, and having people around you that can understand and relate to you and your situation can be a tremendous help in overcoming difficult issues, having someone that is uplifting and encouraging that can put a smile on your face in trying times can be a great support system. Caring people and laughter can be just the motivation needed to deal with burnout and adversity. In order to be of help to others you need to maintain a healthy you.

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