Research Proposal

Write a research proposal that follows on from your Literature Review (same topic). You will need to include the following:Title      and 100-word summary of the proposed studyRationale      for the research (refer here back to the literature review)Aims      and Objectives, or research question/sResearch      Design includingSampling       ProcedureData       Collection ProcedureDraft       Research Instrument(s)Proposed       Data AnalysisEthical      ConsiderationsLimitations      and Strengths of the projectProposed      TimetableReferencesPlease remember this is a proposal only. No data collection is to be undertaken at all.A minimum of 8 – 10 sources should be used in the proposal.Marking CriteriaThe assignment will be assessed according to the following criteria: (each criteria will be given equal weighting)Demonstrated      case for the research including rationaleQuality      of proposed research designCritical      awareness of both limits and possible external factors affecting the      proposal.Strength      of considerations of limitations and ethical issues within the research

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