Research Article Critique help


§  What was the purpose of the study?

§  List any objectives, questions or hypotheses.

§  What are the independent and dependent variables contained within the study?

§  Does the hypothesis or research question flow logically from the framework of the article?

Lit Review and Ethics

§  Does the content of the literature review relate directly to the research problem?

§  Was the study approved by the appropriate IRB or similar ethics review committee?

§  Did the study identify the risks/benefits of the study?

§  If the study did not provide the risks/benefits, what might they be?

§  Were appropriate informed consent procedures used with all participants?

Research Design

§  Is the research design appropriate for the problem being studied?

§  How were confounding variables controlled?

§  Are the sampling inclusion and exclusion criteria described?

·  Were younger than 49 and exercise regularly

§  What is the sample size?

§  Was a power analysis done to indicate the number needed to be in the study to demonstrate statistical significance?

Data Collection

§  What categories of data collection methods were used?  (self-report, scales, observational, biophysiological)

§  Identify the specific instrument(s) used to measure the dependent variable(s)?

§  What is the reliability of the data collection methods used?  Discuss each measure of the dependent variable(s).

Data Analysis

§  How were the data analyzed?  (What statistical tests were used)

§  What type of data was analyzed?  (nominal, ordinal, interval, ratio, etc.)

§  Are the analyses interpreted correctly?

§  What were the findings?

§  Were the findings significant?

Interpretation, Discussion (Evaluation)

§  What are the study limitations?

§  How do the results fit with previous research in the area?

§  What is the overall quality of the study when the strengths and weaknesses are summarized?

§  What does the research mean for clinical practice?

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