NSG6999 South University Adults with High Blood Pressure PICOT question

Hey this is what the professor has sent me

Great work discussing the clinical issue. For your PICOT question, as you have noted from your readings and the assignment instructions, you must always include the P-I-C-O-T identifiers as well as write the question in the PICOT order. (The PICOT question is not correctly formatted, this what she wrote to me)

OK, so I guess she wants this PICOT question changed a little bit.PLEASE HELP ME! Here is what you have already done.You’re the best.

PICOT question

Are adults with high blood pressure who regularly exercise and have healthy food to control their condition, compared to hypertension patients who use medical treatment to control their condition help to manage their blood pressure and reduce exposure to heart disease and stroke?

PICOT statement

(P) adults who are clinically diagnosed with hypertension and with repeated co-morbidities, (I)Those adults will be subjected to regular exercise and healthy eating, (C) they will be compared to high blood pressure patients who treat and manage their condition using medication, (O)it is expected that there will be reduced risk to hypertension and regulated blood pressure. (T) this outcome will be tested within a recovery period of 8months.

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