need help with questions 2-7MGMT 650 Fall 2016 Problem Set 11)Using the data file, GRADSURVEY, answe

need help with questions 2-7MGMT 650 Fall 2016 Problem Set 11)Using the data file, GRADSURVEY, answer the following:a)What does a row correspond to in the table?b)How many variables are measured on each row?c)For each variable, would you describe it as primarilycategorical, or quantitative? If quantitative, what are theunits? If categorical, is it ordinal or simply nominal?d)Are these data a time series, or are these crosssectional?2. A quality characteristic of interest for a tea-bag-fillingprocess is the weight of the tea in the individual bags. If thebags are under filled, two problems arise. First, customersmay not be able to brew the tea to be as strong as theywish. Second, the company may be in violation of the truthin-labeling laws. In this example, the label weight on thepackage indicates that, on average, there are 5.5 grams oftea in a bag. If the average amount of tea in a bag exceedsthe label weight, the company is giving away product.Getting an exact amount of tea in a bag is problematicbecause of variation in the temperature and humidity insidethe factory, differences in the density of the tea, and theextremely fast filling operation of the machine(approximately 170 bags a minute). The following tableprovides the weight in grams of a sample of 50 bagsproduced in one hour by a single machine:5.85 5.84 5.425.45.53 5.34 5.54 5.45 5.52 5.415.57 5.4 5.535.67 5.4 5.475.77 5.57 5.425.61 5.45 5.445.545.615.585.255.55 5.62 5.66 5.465.53 5.32 5.67 5.295.68 5.5 5.32 5.55.56 5.63 5.5 5.575.645.495.535.675.515.555.585.36a. Compute the arithmetic mean and median.b. Compute the first quartile and third quartile.c. Compute the range, interquartile range, variance,standard deviation, and coefficient of variation.Parts d and e are your chance to show your understanding.You are a consultant brought in by the company and giventhe sample. What are your recommendations to thecompany, based on your reading for this week?d. Interpret the measures of central tendency within thecontext of this problem. Why should the companyproducing the tea bags be concerned about the centraltendency?e. Interpret the measures of variation within the context ofthis problem. Why should the company producing thetea bags be concerned about variation?3. According to, here is a list of the prices of theproperty sold (in thousands) in Washington, DC June 29 – 30,2016.$316$265$299$469$240$575$1,015$105$320$1,250$192$721$320$700$420$440$368$918$2,950$585$428$563$451$560$956$333$536$625$562$930$1,575$406$673$780$405$444$961$570$288$475$443$675$449$1,550$945$785$913$879$495Use the house price data and five bins create a histogramusing the data analysis tool.4.As part of the marketing group of a film company, youare asked to find out the age distribution of the audience ofthe latest film. You ask questions of customers who exit thetheatre. From 470 responses, you find that 45 are youngerthan 6 years old, 83 are 6 to 9 years, 154 are 10 to 14, 18are 15 to 21, and 170 are older than 21.a) Make a frequency table of these categorical data.b) Make a relative frequency table.c) Make a bar chart using counts in the frequency table.d) Would a bar chart of relative frequencies look anydifferent?e) Make a pie chart.f) Write a few sentences summarizing the distributiondemonstrated by your charts and tables.5.In addition to age grouping information, the audiencesinterviewed were also asked if they had seen the moviebefore (Never, Once, More than Once). The two-waycontingency table shows the results.neveroncemorethanonceunder63936 to960203310 to 15 to over1421218416151382153204a) Find the marginal distributions of their previous viewingof the movie.b) Verify that the marginal distribution of the ages is thesame as that given previously.c) Find column percentages.d) Looking at these percentages, does the distribution ofhow many times someone has seen the movie look thesame for each age group?e) Make a stacked bar chart showing the distribution ofviewings for each age level6)Age20303825353230222242341444324429294835443011263248A survey of customer age also asked about gender.Gendermffmffmmmffmfffmmfffmmfffa) Compare critical descriptive statistics for males andfemales. Write a sentence or two summarizing whatyou found.b) Construct boxplots of male and female.7. This file contains the per capita energy consumption in kilowatt hoursfor each of the 50 states and DC during a recent year.a) Compute descriptive statistics.b) What proportion of states has per capita energy consumption withinplus and minus 1 standard deviation of the mean, plus and minus 2 and plus and minus 3?What should you expect to see? Look at information on the Empirical Rule.Hint: Calculate z scoresStateCaliforniaRhode IslandNew YorkMassachusettsHawaiiPennsylvaniaNewHampshireAlaskaNew JerseyConnecticutVermontMaineColoradoUtahNew MexicoMichiganSouth DakotaIllinoisMarylandMinnesotaArizonaWisconsinFloridaMissouriKansasIowaVirginiaNebraskaMontanaOklahomaKilowattHours639667167135774479138006809585438667908193099532100021027310344104911080610903114251201912067121031239312614127431325513536136911374313918DelawareOregonNorth DakotaGeorgiaNevadaOhioWest VirginiaNorthCarolinaTexasArkansasMississippiIndianaWashingtonTennesseeIdahoLouisianaAlabamaSouthCarolinaKentuckyD.CWyoming139261417214380144651451114593150221503315059155951588516277163571699317453179021839918865199702007324567

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