Insurance and Healthcare Reimbursement

Assignment:For this assignment create a PowerPoint to address the following scenario…You are preparing an orientation module to cover TRICARE and Workman’s Compensation. You presentation should address the following, and language should be directed at entry level medical personalExplain all the TRICARE (all 7) and CHMPVA programs: Eligibility, coverage, and benefits (8-14 pages)Explain the process of submitting a claim (3-5 pages)Explain Workman compensation injuries, illnesses, and benefits in your state (3-4 slides)Explain Workman compensation rights in your state (2-3 slides)Explain the appeals process in your state (2-3 slides)Include a title and reference slide.  Insure all resources are referenced and cited in your presentationAssignment Expectations:Length:answers must thoroughly address each question in a clear, concise manner; (20 – 32 slides)Structure:Use the tips at to create the slideshow.  Because good PowerPoints have very few words, submit a script that expands on the content of each slide – about 50 words per slide (placed in a separate Word document)Title and reference slides are required

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