Influencing Effective Policy Change, health and medicine homework help

Response Guidelines

Read the postings below from my classmate and respond in engaging detail(s). Do your own evaluation of the strategy the learner recommends, and point out the aspects of the policy change which you believe would be most effective. Identify any potential problems or difficulties that you see, suggesting what might help overcome them. This is a discussion assignment and the answer has to have a minimum of 150 words and one scholarly and peer-reviewed reference and citation. Also, in the response there should be two critical thinking questions in the response.

The proposed question is whether I would advocate for or against mandatory immunization. I would choose to advocate for mandatory immunizations of students. The safety and health of children would be the most important concern to me. As I worked through the mission of Riverbend City, I noticed both pros and cons on both sides of the argument, ultimately, the pros stood to have the most valid points.

As stated in Riverbend City, the problem exists for many parents that they would feel as if their ability to mandate a decision in their child’s life is being revoked; This decision being immunization. As reporter Victoria Moran questioned in the briefing, parents would be upset if they did not have a say-so of what happens in the doctor’s office concerning their child. Agreeing with school official Keith, given the nature of this situation, the risk of children becoming infected is one that holds great importance in the public health community and needs to be one of the top priorities of concerns. An additional reason parents chose not to vaccinate their children are due to religious reasons. Certain religions and belief systems promote alternative perspectives toward vaccination. Religious objections to vaccines are based generally on the ethical dilemmas associated with using human tissue cells to create vaccines, and beliefs that the body is sacred, should not receive certain chemicals or blood or tissues from animals, and should be healed by God or natural means. (2016) Present day, many states still have the waiver for families to sign that allows their children to begin school unvaccinated for reasons of health or religion.

In a study in Colorado, children with exemptions, as compared with unvaccinated children, were 22 times as likely to have had measles and almost six times as likely to have had pertussis. Omer, et al. (2009) Therefore, I find importance in the government being able to make it mandatory for school children to be vaccinated prior to beginning school. Could there be a middle ground for parents with religious and governing reasons to be met for the health of their children? This is a question that would be proposed for families and communities. An approach I would take to the community for the prevention of spreading diseases would be to educate community members on the different types of diseases, how diseases can effect adults and children and what preventative measure can be taken to avoid contracting diseases. Proper education could be the middle ground for both sides of the vaccination debate.

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