I make up a fake famliy on the frist one .Fake name is Naomie Williams 45 years old Born in jamaica I will provide details as u go

The student will complete a family history and will then design a genogram on this patient using Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, or genogram software. The following guidelines should be used:

  • Prepare a three-generation (four if there are children) genogram indicating family structure, family information, and family relationships.
  • Include the following information in the genogram:
    • Age or year of birth of each family member, including parents, grandparents, siblings (full and half) and children.
    • Illnesses and age at diagnosis.
    • For anyone deceased, age at death and cause of death.
  • Review the completed genogram and make assessments and conclusions based on what you find.
  • Submit a written summary of your conclusions along with the completed genogram.
  • Evaluation of the genogram will be based upon the use of symbols, clarity, completeness, and neatness.
  • The following are websites that you may find interesting:
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