i need 10 slide every slid have a picture the topic will be about Goal 4: Reduce Child Mortality Tar

i need 10 slide every slid have a picture 


the topic will be about 

Goal 4: Reduce Child Mortality

Target 5. Reduce by two-thirds, between 1990 and 2015, the under-five mortality rate 

13. Under-five mortality rate (UNICEF-WHO)
14. Infant mortality rate (UNICEF-WHO)
15. Proportion of 1 year-old children immunized against measles (UNICEF-WHO)

Cultural Geography – Dr. Smith

Guidelines for Millennium Group Project


Choose your group (2 to 10 people). Exchange contact information. You will be working together to create a 10 slide power point presentation and a 10 minute talk about your topic.


Search on Google for United Nations Millennium Development Goals. Read some of the websites and some of the in-depth articles.


Watch Millennium Goals video in D2L.


Click on the UN goals, Targets and Indicators URL link in D2L to further explore the 8 Millennium Goals. Please choose one of the 8 Goals for the basis of your group research project. You are to find statistics, maps and graphs about your topic.


EACH of your ten slides should include a map or line graph or pie chart or bar graph and brief explanation of what it shows. You must include at least one map and explain it. You are to include some statistics and show the source of who published the statistics. Your statistics can be found online or at Booth Library.


When your 10 slide group power point is complete please make sure each member of your group has a copy in the final form. Each member of the group will upload their copy in D2L Drop Box. The assignment is worth 50 points (30 points for the power point uploaded to D2L and 20 points for oral presentation).


During your 10 minute group presentation please answer the following questions and draw some conclusions:


1. Where and how has your development goal succeeded?


2. Where and how has your development goal failed?


3. What suggestions do you have for the future?

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