Finish Go to Holtz, read case study, review the process of this study and outline the impact it has created, health and medical homework help

I need someone to finish the paper below: Go to Holtz (2013) p. 131 and read case study: Tackling Big Tobacco A Bold New Path Toward Implementing Global Health Standards. The WHO initiated the tobacco treaty known as the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) in response to increasing tobacco concerns. Review the process of this study and outline the impact it has created. With this launch, has tobacco use declined, gotten better, or gotten worse? How does this affect the global market and global health? Does freedom of choice have an impact over this decision? A minimum of 2 pages must be submitted for a full grade. Please submit your paper using APA guidelines (i.e., cover page, reference page, 1-inch margins, 12-pt Times New Roman font). The book information: Holtz, C. (2013). Global health care: Issues and policies (2nd ed.). Sudbury, MA: Jones & Bartlett. ISBN-13: 9781449679590.

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