Essay – What is the most important environmental problem facing the world today?

Environmental Science Lab: An Essay Project – What is the most important environmental problem facing the world today?

In this lab you will write an essay about the most critical environmental problem facing the world today. This will be 750-1000 word essay, with the following guidelines.

You must pick a problem that in your opinion is the most serious out of all the environmental problems facing the world today. The problem must have a definite cause, history and solution.

The first third of your essay should define the problem and explain what exactly the problem is in the environment and what it does the world. You must include the origins of the problem, how it started, and what is the current condition of the problem in the world today. The problem must be something that can be solved. Your opening should also explain why you feel this is the most important problem.

The second third of your essay must address solutions to your problem. You must give at least two solutions and discuss the pros and cons of each solution. Is your solution implemented in any way? Why or why not?

The final third of your paper should be a summary of how the problem is being address now. You should give a summary of the current outlook on the crisis. Will the problem be solved in 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, or within our lifetime? Is the problem chronic? Meaning there is no solution the problem can only be managed over the long term.

Finally a conclusion is needed. Clearly state the problem again in one or two sentences, and then state it’s solution in one or two sentences. Once again state why you think this is the most important problem facing the world right now.

Be Aware! Your work will be check for plagiarism by Turnitin

Requires mla or pdf. Book is: Environmental Science Tenth Edition (Daniel D. Chiras)

The book talks a lot about overpopulation as well as Natural resource depletion, global warming and climate change. One of those would be good to use if possible!

750-1000 words!! Also need by 3/11/18 at 7pm please! Will tip for earlier!

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