Nurses are Changing the World!


Required Readings

Bradbury-Jones, C., & Taylor, J. (2014). Applying social impact assessment to nursing research. Nursing Standard, 28(48), 45–49.

Note: You will access this article from the Walden Library databases.

This article discusses the important influence of research on the social health and well-being of individuals, families, and communities and on the improved performance of relevant services. It also proposes that social impact should be considered from the beginning of a research project. Nursing research should be useful and should have a positive effect on practice. Focusing on social impact can increase the chances that this desirable outcome will occur.

Gilmartin, M. J. (2013). Principles and practices of social entrepreneurship for nursing. Journal of Nursing Education, 52(11), 641–644.

Note: You will access this article from the Walden Library databases.

Although social justice and action for change are among the nursing profession’s core values, curricular content on social entrepreneurship for nurses is not well developed. This article describes an undergraduate honors elective course in social entrepreneurship offered at New York University College of Nursing. The goal of the course is to promote participants’ understanding of the sources of inequality in the United States and providing the requisite skills to promote effective nursing action for social change.

Post a 3-paragraph response (of at least 350 words) to either Option 1 or 2 below.

Before you begin writing, reflect on your reading from this week. Use the writing resources and the Discussion Rubric to develop your post. Be sure to use evidence, in-text citations, and essay-level writing skills, including the use oftransitional material and organizational frames.

Option 1

As a nurse scholar-practitioner, how do you now, and how will you in the future, advocate for patients and effect positive social change in health care?


Option 2

Address one of the six key areas of health care discussed in the ANA Social Policy Statement. Explain how you will shape the future for nursing to fulfill nursing’s social responsibilities.


This assignment has two components to it.

First, review the instructor feedback from the week four paper in both the paper itself and in the gradebook comments. Revise your paper as needed to reflect those changes and your best work.

Second, compose a paragraph about what you learned from writing and rewriting the week four and week six assignments. Insert your paragraph into the paper prior the Conclusion paragraph (See the assignment template). For example, did you learn how to become a more organized writer, better access Library resources, or cite resources using APA Style?


To prepare

  • Review the Week 6 Assignment Rubric from the Course Information area.
  • Review the information about how to complete journal entries.
  • Think about the feelings you have experienced while completing your first BSN course.
  • Reflect on your goals and think about how you plan to achieve them.
  • Think about the material you encountered in the course this week and consider one aspect of the classroom resources (Assignments, Discussions, or assigned readings) that surprised you. Be sure to think about why the material interested you as a thinker.
  • Set a timer (on the stove, a clock, or on your phone) and write for 10 minutes without stopping.
  • You may find it helpful to use the following format as a guide for your Journal writing:
  • Observe. Describe the week’s content and resources as if you are writing to a person who has not seen, heard, or observed them.
  • Process. Answer the question, “What does this content or topic mean?”
  • Reflect. Answer the question, “What is the value of understanding this material?”

Post a minimum 150-word journal entry. How do you feel about completing your first BSN course? What are your goals, and how do you plan to achieve them?

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