Environmental studies : Ecological Footprint Project and Reflection, environmental science homework help

Complete the quiz at www.myfootprint.org (The login information is : abrace@towson.edu

Password: cAMzBmYj

Upon completion, take a screenshot of the results screen, including: 1) the number of earths; and 2) your footprint in global acres by consumption category.  In addition, click on the “Reduce your footprint” button and take a screenshot of your recommendations.  Paste these screenshots into a Word document.  Use this information to write five pages (excluding the screenshot page) reflection on the following :

1.Your reaction to the estimated number of earths it would take to sustain your lifestyle.  What does this mean to you? How does this make you feel? 

2.Compare and contrast your footprint in global acres with the US Average for each consumption category.  How do your results compare to the US? Which category do you have the lowest footprint? The Highest? Explain your reasoning for these differences.  

3.How do these results impact your health and the health of others? What health implications are connected with each consumption category?  Do you have a family history of these conditions? 

4.Use your results and the recommendations to reduce your footprint to describe actions you can take to decrease your foot print.  What are the related health implications?  Which activities are most feasible, and why? Which activities are less likely to occur? What barriers stand in your way of making these changes?  When you have the ability to make some of the changes later in life, which recommendations do you foresee yourself adopting, and why?

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