Designing for Net Positive Energy and Water, engineering homework help

Net positive design is one of the frontiers of sustainable architecture in the 21st century. Instead of simply breaking even (Net-Zero), net positive buildings contribute a measurable benefit to their environments. Among the outcomes of your research, you may wish to explore the performance goals and philosophy behind net positive design, design concept and construction details behind energy systems, and aspects of water systems, including rainwater collection, filtration, composting, greywater treatment, and stormwater management.

Submit a minimum five-page written report describing strategies for achieving Net Positive Energy and Water. Additional photographs and details may be included in the written material to support your research and enhance the reader’s understanding of the issues. Your report may include, but is not limited to, the following topics:

  •  The philosophy of net positive, regenerative design.
  •  The integration of energy and water systems thinking into the design process.
  •  An outline of strategic approaches to net positive energy, identifying appropriate technical solutions to support an approach.
  •  A summary on global demands of water as a resource, explaining why water should be conserved, and outlining the components of a closed-loop water system.
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