David is working for his father in a ship building company. His father recently awarded a…

David is working for his father in a ship building company. His father recently awarded a contract with Fred, owner of an African trader, to build 2 ro-ro vessels for moving vehicles from China to West Africa. Fred has no knowledge on registration and another formality for complying international rules and regulations. Your father accepts Fred’s invitation to study this and assign this task to David. Now David comes to you and seek for your advice.

You should send him a business advice on:

1) Ship registry and concern

2) Flag States and concern

3) Other documents or requirement required with pros and cons based on Fred’s business

Referencing Requirements:

• List of references (LoR) must be alphabetical.

• Any web site used must have the URL in full in the LoR, and the date accessed included.

• All tables, figures, graph, pictures etc. (if applicable), must have a title and source cited.

• DO NOT quote Wikipedia.

Marks will be awarded for:

• Essays that have addressed the purpose of the assignment comprehensively.

• Good legal cases given.

• Added value details where applicable.

• Evidence of a variety of information sources. (NB not just the internet or lecture slides)

• Well structured & skills of interpretation regarding the importance of the issues reviewed.

• Fluent academic writing style with accurate spelling (UK Dictionary) and grammar.

• Analytical and clear conclusions well grounded in your idea.


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