Create a material master record: Material DXTR1XXX – This is a TRADING GOOD (Material Type: HAWA)…

Task 1 Create a material master record: Material DXTR1XXX This is a TRADING GOOD (Material Type: HAWA), i.e. a material which is purchased from a vendor and resold to customers; no additional processing is done. It is part of the Mechanical Engineering industry sector. Use the following data: Net weight 6000 gm Gross weight 6000 gm Standard Price $900 USD Valuation Class 3100 Purchasing Group N00 Price Conditions Qty 1 Amount $1200 The material will be stored in Plant MI00 (Miami Distribution Centre), Company US00, Storage Location TG00. All other data, including the organisational levels, is the same as for your ORMG1### bike. Task 2 Create a new customer “Bikes for Kids” located at ### Sunset Ave, Palm Beach, FL, US. 35617 (street number ### is your sap id) All other data is the same as for “The Bike Zone” customer. “Bikes for Kids” will be managed by the same contact person as “The Bike Zone” – add the contact to the customer record. Task 3 Using the vendor master record that you created in you MM workshop, enter your name as the Salesperson on the Purchasing Data screen of the Change Vendor transaction Section B : Purchasing Task 4 Create a new Purchase Requisition for 50 Child Deluxe Bikes, to be delivered to Plant MI00, Storage location TG00, in 1 month from today. Task 5 Convert the PR from Task 4 into a Purchase Order. Use your vendor number. Purchasing Organisation US00 Net Price USD$ 900 Record a Goods Receipt for the Purchase Order.


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