Write an essay and re-do the PPT make sure you have knowledge of Ethics and law


Three things you need to do:

1. write a essay about 10 pages about the ethic and the topic is about Ford and Famous Pinto Hazard, please read all files which I uploaded. This essay is very important, so please write it professional, and be more accurate when you describe event or analysis ( such as if you are not sure everyone know this news, then you need to write most people or if you can find current number will be better).

2. I already start to do the PPT of this topic, please fix it better and base on what you write of the essay. Please use pictures and chart likes better. and make PPT professional and fun.

3. write a speech for the ppt, you can use word document to do this

for example:

slide 1:

slide 2:

(please you simple words to describe the ppt because presentation is really hard for me)

Thank you for your help

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