write a 20 pages paper on (geology of metamorphic core complexes)

an officially-designated Writing (W) course in the Natural Sciences department. As such, you are required to write a total of 20 pages of text during the semester.

Format for Written Assignments

Please use the guidelines below when writing your papers:

1. Maximum 12 point font in Times New Roman,

2. 1 inch margins on top, bottom, right and left sides,

3. Double-spaced,

4. Citation style should follow that required by the Journal of Petrology, which can be found at: http://www.oxfordjournals.org/our_journals/petroj/for_authors/. See below for examples.

5. I will allow figures, tables, and graphs, AS LONG AS THEY ARE RELEVANT to the topic covered in the text. Anything that does not support the text will result in a lower grade. Figures, tables, and graphs should be of professional quality and easily readable.

6. At least 10 references should be cited and used in the text. These should include papers from peer-reviewed journals, topic-specific books or Ph.D. dissertations from the last 20 years. Absolutely NO websites (or unapproved internet sources) should be used. Also, do not use textbooks as a reference either.

WARNING: DO NOT plagiarize any material from any source under any circumstances. Wholesale copying of text from a reference and adding a citation after it (or worse, putting whole sections of text in quotation marks) is STILL PLAGIARISM!! If you’re not sure about what constitutes plagiarism

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