what is Yersinia pestis (the bacteria that causes plague)?, health and medical assignment help

Case study about biological event (plague) 4-5 pages due tomorrow Sunday 05:00 pm. (25-35 $)

1- what is Yersinia pestis (the bacteria that causes plague)?

2- what is plague, causes, symptoms, treatment, how it transmits to humans, how to prevent it?

2- how Yersinia pestis used as a weapon in war?

3- the case study should be in a specific plague event, how it started (causes), how many people were affected, how many people died, what are the symptoms that showed on people, how the government medically and administratively managed that event, how victims have been treated, How medical facilities and emergency responders dealt with the victims, what the government did to prevent that from occurring again (vaccines, cleaning up, etc)?

useful references :


– Chemical and Biological Agents, Nuclear Events. pdf (in google) I attached it below.

***Important notice: the references must be in APA style, Use New Times Roman 12 font with 1” margins.

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