watch a video and then answer few questions

You can access the video at the following link: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

I realize the points Dr. Porter is making here are not specific to health care marketing, but the whole notion of transforming health care is VERY central to how we market it in the future…plus it’s a wonderful opportunity to be directly exposed to perhaps the leading business strategist in the U.S. today. Once you’ve watched the video, please respond to the following questions:

  1. Dr. Porter places great emphasis on incentivizing value for the patient in the delivery of health care, and the multiple (often conflicting) processes involved. Certainly, the Affordable Care Act directly discusses and (at least theoretically) embraces this notion as well. The difficult question is: how do we realistically/practically move toward that end? Misaligned incentives occur at virtually every step of the way…how do we begin to align incentives in such a way that patient value (outcome) becomes the driving force?
  2. Dr. Porter stressed that, without the widespread adoption and coordination of electronic medical records, truly integrative care is impossible. Your take on this?
  3. He spends a good bit of time near the end of the video discussing the measurement of processes vs. the measurement of outcomes….his concern is that we measure process (only gives a partial picture) at the expense of outcome. Why hasn’t health care moved more aggressively toward turning this around? What are the obstacles?
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