Short response to the objectives 3 sentences each objective

Please watch the 2 video lectures ( the link attached) and respond to the objectives 3 sentences maximum each objective ; First lecture

TransMed: A nation-wide pilot effort to translate basic science to clinical practice

video link

Answer these objectives :

1.Articulate which modalities of disease description are prevalent in conventional disease classifications

2.Describe the major barrier constraining efforts to translate between basic and clinical modalities of science?

3.Explain how can that barrier be mitigated?

Second lecture :

“Liver Space”

video link
active during *and after* the presentation

Answer these objectives:

1-Understand the rationale for a facebook-integrated health app

2- Provide an overview of Liver Space as an example of the types of functions that can be incorporated into a facebook app

3- Explore how a facebook-integrated app can be a research tool, and improve outcomes, for online health communities

For instance, if the Objective were, “Describe a framework for presenting an article at journal club,” you would write, “Dr. X presented a framework of several steps, focusing on the Research Question, the Hypothesis, the Methods, the Results, and the implications of those results.”

Not so complicated! 3 sentences each objective

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