Recycling Plastics………………..

Plastics are a family of related materials with varying properties that can be engineered to meet the requirements of a broad range of applications. The success of a product often is dependent on matching the right plastic—with the right properties—to the right application. The same is true when the material in question is a recycled plastic.  As a result, there is a premium placed on the purity of post-use plastics.  The more uniform the post-use plastics going in, the more predictable the properties of the recycled plastic coming out Coding enables individuals to perform quality control (e.g., sorting) before recycling, ensuring that the recycled plastic is as homogeneous as possible to meet the needs of the end markets.

Compose a main post that discusses at least 5 uses for plastics in our everyday lives.  Discuss some of the methods used for chemical recycling of plastics and the limitations involved with recycling plastics.

75 -150 words only

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