need to fill the template by reading journal papers.

I will provide the template of the document and it should be filled accordingly. I am giving Ten papers from which you have to chose eight papers and fill the template. In one template there are eight different to 10 different empty sections sperately for every topic individually. we need to fill the space provided by reading each paper separately.

I am providing the sample paper which is already filled and i am providing the journal papers.

in the template there is a column for URL which you cal lift blank i will fill that latter or i will provide URL links later if needed.

you need to write from the bellow ten papers and

My basic topic is Applications of artificial Neural networks on weather forecasting.

Journal papers topics

1. Snow Disaster Early Warning in Pastoral Areas of Qinghai Province, China

2. Fog Forecasting for Melbourne Airport Using a Bayesian Decision Network

3. Real time flood forecasting by relating local stage and remote discharge

4. An artificial neural network model to predict thunderstorms within 400 km2 South Texas domains

5. Forecasting flash floods using data-based mechanistic models and NORA radar rainfall forecasts

6. Smog Disaster Forecasting using Social Web Data and Physical Sensor Data

7. Using the mutual information technique to select explanatory variables in artificial neural networks for rainfall forecasting.

8. Flood flow forecasting using ANN, ANFIS and regression models

9. Forecasting with artificial neural networks:The state of the art

10. Short Term Load Forecasting using Artificial Intelligence

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