MGT Assignment 3

The following questions discuss the concepts covered in Chapters 9-12 in the textbook. Be certain to place your name on your submission and letter each answer correspondingly. Use citations and references as appropriate (APA style). Using the same company you used in the first and second assignment, answer the following questions (limit one page per question):

  1. What strategic alliance has your company entered into or considered entering into in the last three years? Choose three that you identified as impactful. Based on documentation such as press releases, your company’s annual report and conversations with the CEO/COO, what do you find to be the main reason the firm entered or considered entering into these alliances?
  2. Would your company’s product or services need to be modified or marketed differently if it expanded beyond the home country it currently serves? Explain.
  3. Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of your company’s alignment between its strategy and organizational structure. Considering the weaknesses, what recommendations would you make?
  4. Conduct an analysis of the board of directors of your company. Find a list of the board members. How many members serve on the board? How many independent (non-employee) members serve on the board? Do women or minorities serve on the board? If so how many? Is the CEO the chair of the board? If not, who is?

Reference: Rothaermel, Frank T. (2017). Strategic Management. Third Edition. McGraw-Hill/Irwin: New York.

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