literal review.. 2 Summarization

Please find 2 articles online about food as medicine i will specify what should the article subject should be. After finding them please summarize them in word doc. Each one should be 150-200 words. No copying from the internet plz

Each student will identify, read, and summarize two articles that address food as medicine and the issue/barriers/challenges of how to get people to buy into food as medicine. Please make sure that each member of your team is summarizing different articles. Your findings will be discussed with the class, in the form of a brief 5 minute presentation of your summaries on September 23rd. You will also post your written summaries to a discussion board for all to see, forming the basis of the development of Step 1 of your plan. With 22 people in the class, that makes for a potential of 44 articles (give or take some duplicates) to provide background. You will then read through the summaries to gain a good idea of the issues faced…many hands make light work.

As you approach this research you also want to keep an eye out for organizations that are currently doing something similar to Geisinger. We want to take advantage of the work of others and identify best-practices for a future step in the plan.

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