Help with Video Assignment (750 words)

Type your answers in complete sentences after each question. Make sure you support your answers with specific information from the film. Do NOT simply lift quotes directly from the film, use your own words. Answers should be single-spaced. Your entire completed assignment (including the questions) should total no less than 750 words. Questions in the assignment will be processed through the Turnitin plagiarism and grammar checker. Must be original work.

Please watch this YouTube video and answer the questions below:

  1. At the chimpanzee research site at Fongoli, in Senegal, what two behaviors were of interest to researchers studying cultural variation in wild chimpanzee behavior?
  2. What is likely the primary mechanism by which apes acquire culture and “know how” knowledge in group situations?
  3. What is the evidence presented for cultural transmission among apes?
  4. Why are bonobos perhaps more cooperative than chimpanzees?
  5. What do the scenes between the ape mother and her baby suggest?
  6. What “emotional issue” do apes seem to exhibit that might affect their ability to cooperate effectively with each other?
  7. Compare the evidence for impulse control in children with impulse control in chimps. What is significant about the similarities or differences?
  8. What is the effect of replacing numerical symbols for food in Sally Boysen’s numerical competency experiments with chimpanzees?
  9. What signal used by humans is understood by dogs, but not apes? Why?
  10. Explain “triadic awareness”, described in the film as “the triangle”, and how it might be behind the cognitive difference between humans and apes.
  11. There are other small mental gaps that create large differences in how advanced humans are compared to chimps. What are these small differences?
  12. Describe two things that chimps/apes can do that were described in the film that surprised you and why they surprised you.
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