HCS/430 Week 2 Assignment Article or Case Law Search

Find an article or a current legal case that involves one of the following issues:

  • A critical regulatory issue in health care
  • A critical regulatory issue specific to institutional health care

Write a 700- to 1,050-word analysis of the article or the legal case that explains how the issue relates to the nature, sources, and functions of the law.

700-1,050-word count Article/Case   Law Search/ grading rubric
Content and Development 
1 700-1050 Word   Analysis Assignment   is within the word count
1 Introduction   provides sufficient background on the topic and previews major points The   introduction fluently and effectively provides background information to   orient readers. Have you ever read a paper you were lost in the introduction?   Do you believe that sometimes we fail to do an effective introduction in   papers?
1 Article or   current legal issues involves a critical regulatory issue in health care Terrific   response to the legal issues. Well done! What do you believe was the main   idea value in the legal issues?
1 Issues relates   to the nature sources, and functions of the law Outstanding   analysis of the issues that relates to the nature sources, and functions of   the law! What do you believe was the main issue that related to the sources?
1 APA Citations –   Learners are expected to adhere to APA citation guidelines. Outstanding   Citations skills
1 Has Identified   and discussed recommendations that can be made. Outstanding   identification of the recommendations of the law. In the scheme of things was   there more or less difficulty in the identification of the recommendation?   Just thoughts!
1 Conclusion is   logical, flows from the body of the paper, and reviews major points Good   closing statement that brings the entire analysis together – well done! In   your opinion why is the conclusion important?
1 = Excellent 
  2 = Good 
  3 = Average
Writing & APA
1 Title Page – Learners are expected to adhere APA guidelines when   preparing a title page Error-free   title page – It reflected complete information
1 APA Manuscript   Preparation – Learners are expected to adhere to the   manuscript requirements (for example: double   spacing, correct font, margins, indentation, Topic headings, double space   between sentences, etc.)  Excellent   manuscript skills 
1 APA References – Learners are expected to adhere to APA reference guidelines. Outstanding   reference skills – No revisions needed
1 Writing Skill – Learners are expected to demonstrate proper spelling, and   proofreading skills. Excellent   writing skills – no spelling,  and/or   proofreading writing errors.
plagiarism 5%
Late Paper Minus 10% Per Day
Percentage After %


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