Climate Change: National Health Issue, writing homework help

I have already finished the 150 wordpaper proposal for the research and I will upload that as well so you can write the final paper which is at least 4 pages including the work cites on the 5th page. Also, You have to follow the grading rubric and also would be uploaded as well.

  • National Health Issue Paper:Students will research and prepare a National Health Issue Paper.

DELIVERABLE: (1) STUDENTS ARE REQUIRED TO SUBMIT ONE PAGE approximately—150 WORDPAER PROPOSAL (refer schedule) indicating the Name of the Proposed Issue, Reason for Choosing the Issue Which country/ Culture will be Examined and Compared and Contrasted to the United States culture.(2) The final paper should not exceed five (5) pages including five peer reviewed references. Refer the National Health Issues Paper Grading Rubric which appears at end of this syllabus. For proposal submission and for final paper submission dates-refer the syllabus. Required details are at the end of syllabus and also will be discussed.

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