Anatomy of the shoulder, forearm and wrist?

1. Know what ligament is often removed to prevent impingement and possible acromioplasty procedure

2. Know the relevance of the piano key sign (what does it test?)

3. Know the structures that stabilizes the glenohumeral joint

4. What are the rotator cuff muscles? (origin, insertion, nerve innervation)

5. What is the bursa at the shoulder most commonly irritated at the shoulder?

6. Know the scapulohumeral rhythm (refer to ppt 34)

7. Know the muscles that move the scapula(actions)

8. What muscle is responsible for scapular winging?

9. Know the arthrokinematics of the shoulder

10. What contributes to impingement of subacromial structures?

11. Know the action of the rotator cuff (flexion & abduction, depresses the humeral head)

12. Know what muscle initiates glenohumeral abduction and is tested by an empty can test

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