1&2 in different docs please apa references and citations must

1)Discuss the three characteristics of Big Data, and what are the main considerations in processing Big Data?

DQ requirement: Note that the requirement is to post your initial response no later than Wednesday and you must post two additional post during the week by Sunday. I recommend your initial posting to be between 200-to-300 words. The replies to fellow students and to the professor should range between 100-to-150 words. All initial posts must contain a properly formatted in-text citation and scholarly reference.

2)For this discussion, on your initial post, introduce yourself and make a few statements on what you expect to get out of the course. We are going to be getting into some very scholarly research and application of Risk Management for the course. However, to get started we are going to be more general in content. I would like for you to use your favorite search engine and find 3 articles on Enterprise Risk Management that is not earlier than 2017. In your own words provide a summary of each article you read and include its main point(s) on the topic. You will need to cite your references properly in APA format.

Your initial post to the discussion is due by the end of the day on Thursday, August 29, 2019. You will also be required to provide at least two substantive response posts to your peers on the topic and they must be posted no later than the end of the day on Sunday, May 12, 2019. A substantive post is one that provides a depth of content to the topic and will add to the discussion.

Grading for this discussion is based on the following:

60% Content – Discussion Content from the Initial Post

20% Response Posts: Development of at least 2 substantive response posts.

20% Mechanics: This includes good collegiate level writing and appropriate APA citations.

Timeliness: For the initial post 10% will be deducted for each day late. Initial post and response posts will not be accepted after the end of Week 1

**course:enterprise risk management and for introduction please leave my name space and complete the work for second question

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