Your task is to prepare a business report for your immediate supervisor to assess the level of… 1 answer below »

Your task is to prepare a business report for your immediate supervisor to assess the level of change

readiness in your organisation. Please structure your report in accordance with the following headings,

paying particular attention to the requirements listed. Failure to do this will result in a loss of marks. When

addressing the requirements specified under each heading, you must highlight relevant research and its

applicability to the organisation you have chosen.

Your report must be agreed to and signed off by your immediate supervisor.

If you are currently between roles or have not worked in a formal organisational setting, please email me

with your contact details so that alternative arrangements can be made.

Report Headings

Strategy and Change

? State in plain terms what the strategic mission of your organisation is. You must be specific about

the strategic goals and objectives your area is trying to achieve to satisfy this mission. To what extent

do the change initiatives you normally work on align with the strategic intent (mission, goals and

objectives) of your organisation. Why is this alignment important?

? In what ways are the following areas relevant when deciding whether or not your organisation is

change ready:

o The internal and external perspectives of strategy

o Formulation and implementation of strategy as it pertains to change initiatives

o Organisational structure (does the structure enable or impede change readiness)

o Value proposition (why is the change initiative specified worth pursuing?)

? What is an organisational value chain and why is this concept important when assessing the level of

change readiness?

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