You will need to demonstrate your understanding of the ways in which children with additional… 1 answer below »

  • You will need to demonstrate your understanding of the ways in which children with additional needs can be involved in service provider activities and programs. To do this, you must develop a detailed case study for a child who has additional needs. Describe the child and their needs and explain how these needs would be accommodated in an early childhood education and care service. (1500-3500 words)

    In the case study, each of the following points must be addressed:

    • the child’s behaviour and expressed emotions are investigated to identify an additional need
    • the particular child is observed and needs for additional care identified, documented and used to develop a plan of inclusion
    • concerns are discussed with others to develop a clear understanding of a particular child’s needs and this information is used to plan for inclusion
    • the child’s abilities, goals, interests, expectations and health status are considered when developing a plan of inclusion
    • the plan is developed in consultation with all those working with the child
    • the parent’s goals/ expectations for their child are identified and used when developing a plan of inclusion
    • the parent’s experience and practices are sought as a resource
    • the service is adapted to meet the child’s needs within resource limitations
    • if a child cannot be included immediately the reasons are communicated clearly
    • a time to review the plan is decided
    • additional resources are sought, as necessary
    • the child’s entry in the service is supported
    • the level of support is adjusted over time according to the child’s needs
    • worker encourages others to adopt inclusive attitudes and practices
    • support is provided to others to implement strategies
    • specific program initiatives are developed to meet a child’s needs
    • strategies that may address difficulties are investigated and trialled
    • strategies designed by a specialist are implemented according to directions
    • information about progress is shared amongst all concerned
    • issues of concern are identified and discussed
    • information exchange with parents about the child’s needs and care strategies is established and maintained
    • parental permission is sought and gained, prior to consultation with others regarding the child
    • new strategies are monitored closely in accordance with workplace practices and any unexpected side effects
    • impact of the child’s disability on the family
    • changes in the child’s participation are adapted to at the time
    • interruptions to the strategy being implemented are confronted and resolved
    • cultural needs are taken into account
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