You will have to produce and submit the Project report through Moodle in PDF format:…

You will have to produce and submit the Project report through Moodle in PDF format: 1. The Project report (.pdf document 1500 words +/10%, excluding references and pictures), which will consist of the following main areas: a. Introduction: use the sample case study below as a guide to write your introduction that set the scene for the problem domain. b. Project plan: the plan must explain the milestones and other project planning aspects. c. Body: ? Requirements Gathering: o Identify and specify functional and non-functional requirements to solve the presented problem. o Identify the key characteristics (e.g., risk) of the system from your point of view and describe how cloud computing can help in this case. ? Choice of cloud platform as solution for the problem domain and rationale for choice ? Choice of data centre and standards ? System Architecture o Architect the cloud solution for the scenario with a justification of the services you are using o Implement 20% of the architecture and provide screenshots using the appropriate cloud platform ? Analysis and Reflection o Present your analytical reflection on how to maintain the system, manage its evolution, respond to the evolving business needs as well as regulations and government rules.

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