Writing Assignment Alcohol Annonymous

This paper must be a minimum of 3 full pages in length. Not counting the title page, or references. The format should be double-spaced, written using 12pt. times new roman font, 1 margins, and numbered pages.APA formatWrite about your experience going to the meeting. Discuss if there looks to be any students i.e. 18-24 yr old. The demographics of the meeting would answer the questions: “What type of students use the agency’s services” & “how many students receive services each month” (if there were no students and/or those in that age category just indicate that and write the demographics of those who attended the meeting).For questions such as “How is the agency funded” comment on the reason the basket was passed around. In addition, you will need to supplement the question with additional information to answer these two questions “How is the agency funded” and “Do students pay a fee” from the websiteAA.org.This is a must because A.A. is VERY unique in its funding so you must address that i.e. why would a basket be passed around? Do they have to pay rent? What are the funds used for? What is the reason people are asked to donate? Is there a maximum amount someone can donate and if so, what is that amount and what are the reasons (if any) a maximum is set. If you cannot answer each of the above questions then go to the website and get that information and make sure to have an in-text citation. FYI you must answer the above questions.If you DID NOT pick up any materials/pamphlets please indicate the reason.  Was there a cost? How did you feel if you did not pick up any materials?  A.A. is VERY UNIQUE in that manner so you will need to look that up on the website. Use an in-text citation. If you do use ANYTHING from the website you MUST reference it APA format by using the agency name and date in the citation.In-text citation = (AlcoholAnonymous, 2017)(this goes for any agency, not just A.A.)If you interviewed someone it must be APA format. The citation would look like this(J. Doe, personal communication, 2017). All other questions can be answered from the meeting (and or the website). Remember, if you interview someone or talk about the people at the meeting YOU MUST useJane Doe orJohn DoeNEVER NEVER NEVER USE THEIR FIRST OR LAST NAMES EVER!!! Respect the organization Alcohol Anonymous means just what it says! Stories are fine just no first names associated with it to protect all attendees anonymity. Do not even make up a “fake” name. If there were more than one John Doe writes John Doe 1 John Doe 2 or Jane Doe 1 Jane Doe 2. Please do NOT write “John” or “Jane” you must write John Doe or Jane Doe i.e. the last name of “Doe” must be accompanied with the first name.

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