Write a one page, double spaced, personal reflection paper of health science

This is a health class, but more importantly it is a class about people. The last six months have gone through the full gambit of your textbook and I find it appropriate to evaluate you by writing a reflection on your personal experience this year.Write at least 1 page double-spaced (or more if it is in your heart to do so) about the following:For the Lecture Final I want to know how 2020 has changed you.What have you learned about health care, socioeconomic status, poverty, food insecurity, health disparities, discrimination, social media, violence, pandemics, racism, fear, sexism, LGBTQIA+ bias, stress, climate change, the United States, the world?Pick something that speaks to you. It can be one of the ones I’ve listed or your own. You can talk about more than one topic if you would like.Conclude your 1 page personal reflection with:What has brought you joy? What has made you sad? What will you take from this year and apply to the future?

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