World Regional Geography Discussion help

Please read Ch. 5 (Russia) in your textbook (World Regional Geography; Sixth Edition) and then watch at least three of the following short videos from Frontline World. Here are the links:

Russia: Putin’s Plan:
Russia: Putin vs. NGO’s: 
Russia: Island on the Edge: 
Russia: Murder in St. Petersburg:

For this week’s DB assignment you should discuss the following set of issues:

Please describe some of the challenges (political, economic, social, military, etc.) facing Russia since the collapse of the former Soviet Union. How have Russian leaders (such as Yeltsin and Putin) attempted to deal with these conditions? What do you think of Vladimir Putin’s efforts to restore Russia to superpower status and his approach to leadership? Please be specific with your answers.

Should be at least five full paragraphs in length; Clearly address the assigned question or topic; and demonstrate your engagement with, and understanding of, required readings and/or films. You are expected to clearly demonstrate (by making specific references in your comments) that you have viewed a few of the assigned PBS Frontline World films assigned for that week. 

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