World Regional Geography: A short answer a question+ an essay response to a question

Here is PART 2 of this assignment. Here is what you need to know about this parts:

  1. It will consist of 1 short answer question, and 1 essay question.
  2. For all of these questions…… I expect you to have well-written answers for each question thoroughly with details from both the presentations and the readings.


The African Transition Zone – In terms of cultural geography, the continent of Africa is divided between the north and the south. Countries that lie along this transition zone are often beset with violence and conflict. Answer the following:

    1. What is the African Transition Zone in terms of cultural geography? Make sure you include a detailed description of this transition zone and any associative terms.
    2. Reference the African Transition Zone map, and explain what countries are most affected. Why these countries?
    3. Example 1: Nigeria – Describe how and explain why Nigeria exemplifies the conflict that is associated with the African Transition Zone. Make sure you include a description of the country, any relevant terminology that explains this situation better, and information from the readings that relate to this issue.
    4. Example 2: Somalia – What do geographers term Somalia? Why? What has happened in this country that has caused it to be termed this, and how does this relate to the African Transition Zone?
    5. Example 3: Mali – Even though it is considered a part of the North Africa/Southwest Asia realm, Mali fits in with the African Transition Zone. Why? What happened in Mali that could easily make it part of the African Transition Zone?


The Arab Spring – The most recent conflict in this realm started in 2010, with the beginning of what has been termed The Arab Spring. Answer the following questions for each topic:

The Arab Spring

  1. What was the Arab Spring?
  2. Where did the Arab Spring begin and to what countries did it spread?
  3. Why did these countries’ populations rebel against their governments?
  4. Make sure you include all relevant terminology.


The dust has not settled in terms of the Arab Spring, especially in Syria.

  1. How did protests in Syria morph into an all-out civil war?
  2. Who is fighting whom in Syria and approximately how many people have lost their lives?
  3. Why is this war referred to as a proxy war, what other countries are involved, and why are they involved?
  4. What is the humanitarian crisis people refer to when speaking about Syria, and why is it a crisis of epic proportions?

***Prsentations are attached below

***Readings: 1.Political Chaos in Syria

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