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Darwin and Evolution

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Biological Evolution

Charles Darwin

DNA sequencing

Darwin’s Finches

Fossil Record

Geographic Isolation

Lamarck, Jean Baptiste

Mendelian Inheritance

Natural Selection

Selective Breeding


adaptive radiation

This can occur when part of a population of a species becomes separated from the remainder, they may over time evolve different characteristics from the parent population.

This is the chronicle of evolution over millions of years of geologic time engraved in the order which fossils appear in rock strata.

Theorized that evolution occurred through the use and disuse of physical features- now proven to be a false concept.

This is the concept that organisms pass traits to offspring through genes.

The process of developing a cultivated group of domesticated animal.

This is the process of organisms adapting to their environments over time.

This is the process by which organisms acquire and pass on novel traits through generations.

These are the 13 different species of birds that are related in the Galapagos islands.

This describes the evolution of many diverse species adapted to their specific habitats but having one common ancestor. This usually occurs when the original species is separated from each other completely, such as geographic isolation. When this occurs, the organisms adapt to different resources, leading to a new species.

This is the origin of a new species in evolution, there are many different methods by which this can occur. Different species cannot reproduce successfully.

This scientist is known for his work with natural selection, and he is known as the Father of Evolution.

This is a biochemical process used for determining the order of the nucleotide bases, adenine, guanine, cytosine, and thymine, in any DNA molecule. By comparing the DNA sequence of two organisms, scientists can see if the organisms are related or not, as well as how closely they are related.

what goes with what? 

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