Women of Color Maternal Mortality

MUST HAVE ACCESS TO ACADEMIC SEARCH PREMIER DATABASE!!!!In this paper, outline the issue at hand.ONLY USE the 13providedsources for this assignment. I have attached the sources with the annotated bibliography. Access to EBSCOhost Academic Search Premier Database is aMUSThave in order to complete this assignment.Tell the reader: what is the problem? What is going on with Women of Color’s maternal mortality rates? What are the statistics? Why is this happening?Summarize all of the research in a systematic way (ie group the research according to themes – these could be subheadings in the paper)Then, what is currently being done to address the problem? Are these activities adequate? Are the effective? Use evaluative skills to answer these questions.Finally, propose recommendations. The recommendation section should beat least2 full pages long. What does the research say is the best way forward? What are the best practices in the field? What works? You can add in your ownpersonalsuggestions here too. In total, the whole paper must be7-8 pages long.

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